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Cory Adams
Collision Repair
740-397-5820 X3906
Carolyn Addair
Assistant Treasurer
740-397-5820 X2601
Tommi Adkins
740-397-5820 X3304
Dashua Allbaugh
740-397-5820 X3108
Carla Bailey
Attendance Administrative Assistant
740-397-5820 X2108
Nate Bellman
Marketing Coordinator
740-397-5820 X2206
Renee Blaney
Early Childhood Education
740-397-5820 X3309
Jeanell Branstool
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
740-397-5820 X2000
Brian Broseus
Metal Fabrication & Welding
740-397-5820 X3908
Clarissa Bush
Sophomore/Senior Counselor
740-397-5820 X2105
John Campbell
Landscape Design & Management
740-397-5820 X3312
Vicki Clark
Testing Coordinator
740-397-5820 X2603
Corey Cline
Social Studies
740-397-5820 X3115
Colby Clippinger
Building Trades
740-397-5820 X3316
Greg Deckling
740-397-5820 X3307
Sonia Dugan
Intervention Specialist
740-397-5820 X3303
Angela Eisaman
Health Technologies
740-397-5820 X3403
Tracy Elliott
740-397-5820 X2006
Wendy Figgins
Treasurer Administrative Assistant
740-397-5820 X2008
Derek Fisher
Student Services Principal
740-397-5820 X2101